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Spotter LuxurySpottings luxuryspottings
Spotté à Michendorf, Germany
Date 25-11-2020 14:38

I received a post about this LFA's whereabouts. The only logical thing was to go there by bike for an hour for the slim chance of spotting it. When I arrived, no LFA was to be seen. However, I found Shmee's vantage. Adding 1 and 1 together, I figured that Shmee was driving the LFA - which was true. Only a couple of minutes after me having arrived at the Golf Course, the mighty LFA showed up and was parked in a way to take some proper photos. It was definitely worth it as the LFA is one of the hottest cars, probably the best-sounding one of them all. The same car was later spotted in Berlin that day by Damors who got just as lucky as me.

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 325 km/u
Accélération 0-100 km/u 3.70 s
Puissance 560 pk
Couple 600 Nm @ 6000 tpm
Poids 1450 kg

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    Bando89  -  à 15:13


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    NETHERLANDS PatrickC  -  à 15:42

    Amazing shots. Love it!

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    GERMANY funspotter  -  à 17:45

    very cool!

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    NETHERLANDS tk97  -  à 19:43

    Amazing spot

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    UNITED KINGDOM davileon  -  à 20:10

    Stunning spec and find, simply amazing!

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    FRANCE cross74  -  à 20:42

    Cool pics !

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    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jjrivero  -  à 23:05

    Incredible spot on this beautiful LFA! There is a guy in my area who has one of these and he drives it to the golf course often. Unfortunately, I live 30 minutes from there and I have never gotten lucky enough to catch it.

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    NETHERLANDS hardstyler  -  à 00:55

    Epic find! Defintely worth the trip. What a stunner!

  9. Cela n'est pas correct.

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