Détails du spot

Spotter Lego and Supercar ITALY lego_and_supercar
Spotté à Siena, Italy
Date 11-06-2019 22:59

Found this beauty today! I was surprised when people passed and looked at the 488, and then after a few metres, they also looked at my bicycle haha! 2019 © Lego and Supercar - All Rights Reserved

Détails de la voiture

Vitesse de pointe 327 km/u
Accélération 0-100 km/u 3.20 s
Puissance 670 pk
Couple 759 Nm @ 3000 tpm
Poids 1420 kg

Nombre de commentaires sur ce spot

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    FRANCE Enzo112  -  à 13:06

    Awesome find and good shots as always bro !!

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    ITALY Lego and Supercar  -  à 14:30

    Thanks buddy! @Enzo112

  3. Cela n'est pas correct.

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